Hello Everyone, thank you for dropping by.

I have been writing since high school for our school paper but now I am going to use this talent to glorify and uplift my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

First and foremost, I would like to share how I found the present truth. I was born with SDA parents and both were zealous in the light that they received. When I was in sixth grade, my parents observed that big changes are taking place in the SDA church and catholic rituals and practices are being introduced inside the church. For instance, one Sabbath day we joined a conference wide worship where one of the ceremonies is the lighting of candles. I remember playing with the drops of candles molding them into shapes! It was fun for me back then but not anymore. After much research we found out that the SDA church is infiltrated by the Jesuits for that reason pagan practices are being injected to the “once true church of God” but God cannot dwell in an apostate church because God’s church is pure and undefiled from the world. So to make the story short, we were ousted from the SDA church for questioning their pagan rituals. And I praise the Lord for that! When my sister worked in Singapore she found the online sabbath worship of The Presents of God ministry and she has fellowship with them since them. She shared to us the present truth messages and we heartily accepted every Light that God revealed to us. Presently, I joined with the like-minded brethren of the Seventh Day Remnant home church for Sabbath worship and studies.

Hope you will be blessed with every testimony in this blog.