It took me months to figure out the reasons why God allowed all these things  to happen in my life.  My father passed away, my mom is left with chains of bank loans, my brother is still in college, my siblings were underemployed, and  I gave up my job in Dubai. For all these things, I can still say “It is well with my soul.” I believe that Satan is attacking my family but the more we were burdened with the cares of this world, the more we lifted up our eyes to the Lord.

Reasons why God allowed me to leave my family and work in a foreign country:

1.  Was able to live with wonderful family.  They  always have a place in my heart. It was a real blessing to know them.

2. Was able to hand out tracts and DVDs in a muslim country

3. Ate Rose accepted Christ Jesus as her personal Saviour

4. Learned a lot from my job in the nursery schools

5. And most of all, I got engaged to a Godly man.

Looking back those days, the blessings and the goodness of the Lord outweighs all the trials and tribulations. To Him be the glory!