Leaving my hometown

I decided to find employment abroad. Doing this will not only help me share the truth in a foreign land, but also to financially support my family. My father was sick with Polyneuropathy, Schistosomiasis, and lately diagnosed with Liver Cancer. I want to help my mom procure his medicines and supply his diet program. But this plan was against the will of my father. He wanted me to stay with him and to take care of him than leaving him. He was crying bitterly that day. But I got my permission from my mother to go. I went away with a heavy heart. I love my father so dearly. He is the joy of my life.

Before I left the country, I dropped by at my siblings’ apartment in Iligan City. I feel the tension inside the room. They didn’t agree that I should go abroad for a job which they believe is not the right one for me or not worth the “LEAVING”. In the morning, none of my siblings woke up to see me go. I packed up my things and looked at them still in their bed. My heart was full of pain that day. I wanted to say goodbye and kiss them but doing these will just hurt me more, so I decided to leave the house with my head down low. I walked out the door with my eyes full of tears. I cried to God, “…I’m still young to pass this way, Lord. I don’t have any idea what lies ahead of me out there, but I trust in you that you will never leave me. Please comfort me.”

The  Nanny Job

y country’s economic situation is going worst. I finally ended up browsing  for a nanny job online. One family from Dubai checked on my profile and they decided to sponsor me. They were Muslims. But the way they conversed with me gained my trust.  They promise to respect my religious principles, a sign that I asked from God before accepting the job offer…

Life in Iran

After a week in Dubai, the family decided to go home in Iran. Together we flew to Shiraz. I know that Iran was the ancient Persia in the Bible. I talked to Elham about the life of Daniel in Babylon (also known today as Iraq) under the leadership of the Persian conqueror, Darius. I shared to her how the prophecy of the kingdoms of this world was revealed to King Nebuchadnezzar and how God helped Daniel interpret it for us to know the future. These things were new to her, and she listened attentively. I stressed to her that the Roman Catholic Church under the leadership of the beast (Pope) will impose the National Sunday law . In the book of John 14:29 states, “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.” I trust that the Holy Spirit will let her remember the truths I shared to her when these things come to pass. I longed to see her and her family in heaven. They have a character that most professed Christians in this world should have.

The Iran government did not approve my application for resident visa in their country. I need to go back to Dubai and get another job.

My new job

After a week I had a call for a walk-in-interview in a nursery school. On that day, the school hired me. My pupils aged 2 1/2 -3 years old. God knows how I love children so dearly. And He knows that this job is the right one for me.

The Test of Loyalty

“And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations.” Revelation 2:26

One day, the supervisor asked me to work ones every 5 Saturdays. I can feel my strength almost gone from me when I heard that. My heart was so heavy but strong. I told her that I keep the Saturday holy and I cannot do any secular things on that day. She was so persistent, and so do I. She told me that she’s sorry to hear that and she can’t give me the visa if I am not going to work on Saturdays. She said, “Novi, you know how much I wanted you to work with me. But it would be unfair for my other staffs that you are not coming to school ones in 5 Saturdays. Remember that you are in a foreign land. You came here for work. Your God will understand you. Please think about this very well. I will talk you next week for your final decision.” I know that I was tested and I cannot compromise with the world. If I can’t overcome this  test, how will I overcome the next ones…?  I talked to God that night. If the school will give up on me, I will find another job. If there is no job that will exempt me on Sabbath day, then I will go back to the Island.  The next day, the supervisor asked me about my decision. I was confident and told her, “Teacher, my decision is still the same.” I was expecting the worst, but I’m ready for whatever word she would say. She replied in a calm voice, “Okay, there is another option. Instead of working till 5pm, you will work until 6pm so to compensate the Saturdays.” I agreed and praised  God in my heart.